::CONCERT:: Collectief Cursief Zwaren Toebak #3 met Abaco en KillTura

Fri 19/02/2016 - Sat 20/02/2016
8:00 pm - 2:00 am

If Zwaren Toebak II wasn’t hard enough for you, we bring you our newest edition. Faster and harder than any of our previous shows, but still true to the Cursief Live tradition. Brought to you in the cosy location of the SOJO. Even if the music is too hard (which basically means you’re too old), just drop by for some pancakes and beers. Entrance = donation.

Fresh band from the Leuven region with members of siphilisation and loads of other projects. Melodic deathmetal with hardcore and other influences. First show at Sojo.

Abaco started in 2003. They played powerful rock with shades of alternative and progressive metal. Their first EP release followed in the same year. A few highlights are their shows in Amsterdam’s Melkweg with Chevelle and as an opening band for Baroness, and at Despotes Festival near Nijmegen. Described in reviews as: stoner grunge, math rock, riff rock, with references to bands like; Tool, Led Zepp, Soundgarden, The Melvins, Kyuss, A Perfect Circle, Meshuggah. Since 2013, Abaco is back with their new lineup .


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