::CONCERT:: Cursief Live Stoner Rock Edition met Llabia en Dorre

Fri 27/11/2015
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

An evening with some weird music combined with omnious and psychedelic stonerrock in the strange depths of the city of Leuven. Brought to you in the cosy location of the SOJO. We will serve you this with a good beer and a fresh vegan pancake.

The entrance fee will be free donation !


LLabia, a brand new band formed by Aaron Daem (drum) and Antoine Goossens (guitar). Two friends who know eachother from Sint-Lucas art academy, Ghent, where they both study visual arts. They don’t have a desire to state there sound as a specific genre.
It’s a collaboration of two different musical backgrounds, and the sound can be described as melancholic, cracking, hard and with influences of eastern music and blues
The rest wil speak for itself


Born out of the yeast of the infamous Belgian beer, Dorre has been crushing stages ever since Adriaan De Raymaeker (guitar) en Wolf Overloop (drums) joined forces. Going for a heavy doom/stoner/noise influenced type of music from the start, they rarely played live shows, but when they did, instant stuff of legend was created. After a few years they added Erik Heyns (guitar) as a full-member and this spiced up their sound with some more psych & blues influenced licks.
These days Dorre is active more than ever, sometimes joined by guest musicians. Putting their speakers to the test and to manifest a thunderous whirlwind around stages in Belgium and aiming to bring their sludgy, blackened riffs to all nations across the globe.

Their music is free to stream and download at http://dorre.bandcamp.com/

Datum: vrijdag 27 november 2015
Inkom: Vrije bijdrage
Organisatie: Collectief Cursief ism Sojo vzw