Garage Fuzz: Wooden Indian Burial Ground (USA) + TBA

Thu 01/03/2018 - Fri 02/03/2018
8:00 pm - 12:00 am


OMB x Little Moon Bookings 

Present Garage Fuzz

An evening full of Garage and fuzzy guitars

Many tours across the United States and Europe with the likes of FUZZ, Built to Spill and countless other groups of questionable individuals have left WIBG wise, weathered and thankful for the opportunity to shred. On tip toes and with bloody hands WIBG creates something more than songs. Their singular style is an organic cacophony of scattered metallic sway and lascivious throbbing that will leave you writhing and shaking into the wee hours. This is the opening gig of their European tour.

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One Man Brawl makes your ears drool with fuzz goo. They play the only way they know how: no-nonsense and loud. With a driving parade of buzzsaw guitar riffs, pounding bass and drilling drums, the band hopes to provide every lonely soul with a warm womb to crawl into. They convert you to the sacred “Distortionism” by deploying a vibrant attack on your senses and emphatic abilities.
Here’s their new single “On Cue”

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