Naxatras, Lee Van Cleef & RIA©

Sun 21/10/2018
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

== Naxatras ==
Naxatras is a psychedelic rock band from Greece. They play groovy, dreamy melodies, heavy riffs and trippy guitar solos all with a little vintage touch of the 70’s.
They are around since 2012, developing their sound. Ow…only analog equipment was used in the recording-mixing-mastering stages of theire albums!
The band does high-energy live performances combining elements of sychedelic/progressive rock, stoner, funk, jazz and eastern music with a trippy video wall to accomplish full stimulation of the senses. In autumn 2017 they toured for the third time for 40 days and have now performed in most European countries and many distinguished festivals, including Lake On Fire, Void Fest and Keep It Low.


== Lee Van Cleef ==
The project Lee Van Cleef was born as a joke at the end of 2015 and is the result of long jam sessions between guitarist Marco Adamo, drummer Guido Minervini, and bassist Pietro La Tegola. From the city of Naples, this power-trio has just released their first album named ‘Holy Smoke’. Influenced by bands like Earthless, Black Bombaim, and Harsh Toke (to name a few), “Holy Smoke” was recorded mixed and mastered in the Godfather studio of Naples. The artwork was done by Robin Gnista.
Well, we are here to tell all who love psychedelic rock along the lines of Earthless, Harsh Toke and Heavy Blanket that Lee Van Cleef’s outstanding album, Holy Smoke, is no joke. This band is up there with the big boys!

“Holy Smoke”

== RIA© ==
Local band from Leuven with former members of Spoonstreet66, come check them out!

Entrance: €12 / Reservation: €10