Wheel of Smoke, Swamp Machine, Pektop

Sat 14/12/2013
12:00 am

Wheel of Smoke (BE):

Wheel of Smoke has been active since 2005, dwelling within the Belgian underground rock scène they create a smoking mix of heavy, 70’s tinted rock, blended with a dash of grunge and prog/postrock. The music varies from mesmerizing and melodic to pumping straightforward rock&roll. Wheel of Smoke is a musical journey which allows you to enter realms of cosmic madness.

Playing many gigs, they gaining experience throughout the years in conjuring heavy moods and pleasant rides on the musical soundwaves.
Wheel of smoke joined stages with bands like Baby Woodrose, Hypnos 69, Sungrazer, The Machine, My Sleeping Karma, Yawing Man, Grifter, Doctor Cyclops, Güacho, Pyramidal… the band has cooperated on several occasions with organisations like Orange Factory and Yellowstock Concerts.

After 2011’s “In Sense”, the band is now releasing “Signs of Saturn” and they hope you’ll come and join the party!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wheelofsmokeofficial
Music: http://wheelofsmoke.bandcamp.com/
Site: http://www.wheelofsmoke.be/

Swamp Machine (NL):

Psychedelic Stonerrock/Doom from The Netherlands
Formed in the end of 2010 by Stonerrockers Mehidah Endenburg (guitars) en Koen van Soelen (bassguitar, vocals) in the most southern regions of The Netherlands. The swamps near their rehearsal studio were the inspiration for their sludgy, 70’s style doom-stonerrock band Swamp Machine. Drummer Rick Schuitemaker quickly joined forces. This three-headed psychedelic 70’s stonerdoom monster will definitly drag you down… Deeper in the Swamp!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwampMachine
Website: http://www.swampmachine.com/
Music: https://www.facebook.com/SwampMachine/app_178091127385

Pektop (BE):

Pektop is a Belgian band out of Leuven, started up in 2007. The music transformed into a mix of slow heavy drone, psychedelic rock and heavy paced riffing. Pektop continues to innovate their repertoire and grow musically throughout the years. With shows through Europe, this heavy rocking trio is looking to get heard and kick some serious ass! After the release of their first studio album in late 2010, “The Antikythera Mechanism”, the band has been working on new material and playing more gigs. Since 2013, Pektop has recruited vocalist Joachim Van der Auwera with whom they have just finished recording their second release, the 4 track EP “Black Moonshine”.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pektop
Site: http://www.pektop.be/
Music: http://pektop.bandcamp.com/

Moonward (BE):

Moonward is a young power-trio from Diest. They know the groove and swear by psychedelic tunes behind the smoke. Live they present you with mind expanding long songs.
Check their first album ‘Moonward’ on Bandcamp!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moonwardband
Music: http://moonward.bandcamp.com/